so we turn to heaven

so we turn to heaven
ask what it’s all about
what should a heart believe-in
when a heart is filled with doubt?

i’ve seen the face of angels
and i’ve seen the deeds of man
but where is hope when fate is all we planned?

i sent the best of me
on tired journies
because knowledge was the shield i hoped to bear
but when i close my eyes at night
i see the darkness, pure
and a light that only faith was born to share

so i turn to heaven
ask what it’s all about
there was never time for me
to take it all in stride …

every single effort is alive
for the next beginning
and where i buried sorrow in the ground
the silence was the better side
of a life that’s turned around

there is no reason for remorse
don your hat and stay the course
on the edge of every dream
there is forgiveness….

i found an empty mirror of mine
between the first and last divide
of an ancient song
where even heart aches don’t belong

i turn to heaven
ask what it’s all about
no excuses for this line
we’re always winning…

and i only need a sign
that i can take into tomorrow
and find myself again on humble feet

turn to heaven
for the sky is never beat
and insides only clash to rise again
are you good
are you bad
does the future drive you mad

on a quiet eve
i never leave….
find the point of every dream
because hope was only part of where we rest

tired knees only bow
for the hurt to be confessed
not a drop of where this soul was meant to be…

i turn to heaven — quietly
Skies will hear my Spirit shout
if the birds don’t worry every day
then how do angels learn to pray?
the next step is a secret to the Earth
and only hearts that hold their strength
hold love for what it’s worth

so turn to heaven
because heaven turns to yesterdays that breathed



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