it is not my debt

before i left california, this idiot attorney in san diego filed a claim against for a loan taken out in Oregon or Washington or someplace i have never been — so has to be part of the stolen identity where it became impossible for me to “clean up” the credit record because too much of it was not mine.

purse was stolen in california in 1991. someone even opened a hair stylist business in my name and then didn’t pay the taxes. the government was great about removing that lean, btw. i checked online once, and found that i was a registered voter in florida! that one makes me laugh.

but anyway, i tried calling the idiot attorney — but there was no reasoning. and anything on my part was going to cost me. i know it’s strange, but i don’t see the point of paying the debts of those who stole from me. they stole and are the thief taking my name, but then i am supposed to pay for it?

so i had called this attorney’s office. they sent a judgment filed in ventura when they are in san diego. some dirt bag from san diego. so i mailed it BACK to them with writing on the outside of the envelope, saying “this is NOT my debt!” and i signed it.

now 10 years later, and from what i can understand from this judgment letter …. they are saying that it cost them 85$ to file a false claim against me, and now i owe them $2514.23 in interest.

the name of this attorney is A. Rundquist ….and i don’t know what i am supposed to do with this idiot. i don’t want him paid off by anyone, even if i had money coming out my ears i would not give a dime to a bottom-feeder like this. what am i supposed to do?

how is this even possible … it’s like i know our debt-legal system is messed up but this is really one for the records.


7 Replies to “it is not my debt”

  1. Thieving thugs have the one over on us…I have seen plenty of horror stories like this…and to real extremes. You’re like the proverbial mouse squirming in the trap. I’ve never gone through that thank God though on a couple occasion in my entire adult years I have temporarily misplaced my wallet at home and is perhaps where my anxiety issues of the day originated.

    And then, as you reflect here, our ‘systems’ kick in with a vengeance and God help you if you turn up in all their digging…like a scapegoat for recovery. Nothing quite like getting sucker punched.

    1. it becomes a nightmare, because you have a purse or wallet stolen and it just keeps stealing from you. and now of course they have “credit” services that you then pay to “watch” for credit applications in your name — which again is another form of the victim paying over and over again for a crime that was against them.

      it leaves me wondering what we are supposed to do on the whole thing. and it is this “selling of debt” that the debts themselves will go from owner to owner. and all i know when i first looked at it was that this one was some sort of personal loan taken out at a time that not only did i not have loans out, i never did personal ones. had credit card debt, but the only “loan” debt i’ve had is my school loan.

      and the department of education has taken over that and i pay on it each month. so this one has to be from the stolen identity. but they never sent me any real particulars regarding the loan itself. NO paperwork showing my signature on a loan agreement. nothing — just a judgment that got railroaded through the system and the names on everything are this lawyer and a recovery agency … so that again gives me little to no information on exactly WHAT debt they are trying to recover.

    1. thanks, Len. all can do is ignore them. if i respond will just get the same insistence that i pay on this debt that isn’t mine. they would not even consider the possibility that i was not the person they are looking-for.

      so only thing that concerns me, is that if/when i die–or if i become incapacitated — i don’t want family to think or believe this is any sort of legitimate debt.

      i had that problem when hospitalized once, where a family member started paying on a debt that was not mine out of my funds.

      the very last credit card or ANY debt i ever had for myself was the year was 2000-2001. so have not taken on ANY form of debt from that point onward. i owe Sears, and American Express, and a very old Wells Fargo visa. and my student loan that i pay on. but leave the rest of it since is counter-productive to give myself a better credit rating and then wind up with more debt in my name because of the stolen purse.

  2. the only thing that i’ve been able to rely on fairly well, is the government always knows where i live because of social security. so they should not have been able to even file anything with an address listed for me that i never had. yet this one from Andrew Rundquist went through the system.

    when i got a copy of my ‘credit report’ in 2003, it was crazy. all kinds of addresses listed for me where i never lived. but the government itself has a correct list.

  3. I would also ignore them for the time being. The Burden of Proof is on THEM, to prove that the case filed was against YOU, when actually it was against the person who stole your identity. It’s possible that you could hire counsel to request pertinent information (what the loan was, how much it was, etc.) and details. They HAVE to (by law) provide that information if it is requested from another lawyer. It’s entirely possible that this lawyer isn’t even real and is a cover for another scam artist. Seems awful suspicious to me that they won’t send you any information that has your signature on it. If it was indeed a legitimate loan, you would have to sign *several* forms. (I know this from working at a law firm for 4 years).

    Re: your concerns about family being duped into thinking this IS your debt, maybe write a letter to a specific family member about it and let them know the details, so that if THEY get harassing letters, etc. they can take it to a lawyer and have the case dropped. You’re right, that ultimately, the government has a record of all of your legal addresses. If you have reported the identity theft to government agencies then you should be fine. Btw, you can also request credit “freezes” with the 3 main credit agencies, although they may charge you $10 each to do it. I did read that if you report your identity as stolen to them, they sometimes waive those fees, and of course it could cause issues for you if you needed to open a line of credit, etc. but it would be a way to keep anyone else using your name for any kind of credit purchases and whatnot.

    1. Yes i just don’t want “them” to win by it costing me, even if it’s not that much. I also feel it might be a con artist of some sort…… The papers don’t look quite right. And i went through a lot of legal court declarations during my divorce so became very familiar with the Ventura county paperwork.

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