Familiar chains

What gets me
Is what makes human beings think
No ups and downs is optimal
The one thing you can know
About a constant
Is that ît is either
Completely true or completely

A lie warping conditions
And so there is the role
The projected outcome
And projected state
Unpredictability forever your enemy
I get that

But be sure that it is my decision
And I will take a time
To not react….. And that is seen as bad, too
The eyebrows have to be painted on just so..

Becoming one with diverted purpose
To only feel pain
When I go yes,  this bump in the road
Is the expected thrall
Other than that
There is physical pain
The touring port of sadists that care
Less about you than you can imagine
But emotion
Mine was never understood

I know we won
Never worried because the delusion
And the reality all lead to the same place
So I don’t place importance
On anything
Are you worried?
To never know if time
will be up or down in a face only the mirror can read
Of fear verses energy

A procurial judgment
Yet mine to me is steady
Selfishly so
The old guard
The unwritten rules
Oh I used to breathe the air
Like it was always Saturday

(The lift of a balloon is still mysterious
When will you realize they have only
Given you nouns for explanations)
I guess it was sorrow in my heart
Or my stomach
Maybe my feet….. Eh
What’s life without a drop of indecision

……never believed in rejection
Never believed in it at all



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