for the thick of it

people don’t like it when you have a decided intelligence
and don’t use that intelligence to make money

and also there is the notion that you are either aiming
for money or fame

but what if it’s neither?
then intelligence is an abomination
a waste of talent on someone who
is not prepared to use it

the one thing i would like to point out
is that i use mine to take notes
not sure where they will go or if
and i picture myself to eventually be
like a jellyfish
thrown up on the shore and twitch

the spasm of a life that is futile and
merely doomed by it’s own desperation
fog is only fog if it’s thick
and directions are the spirit of God?
i sure hope so … because you have no idea
where i would be if i had never
listened to the calm
if i had never pulled back and
shook hands with despair

it is enough
you and i know it is
there is no place for me, wearing a medal…
but i will say look

… and change the world forever.
not out of spite
but to smile at least



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