picture of an old lady, they
indulge your crazy
are just glad you’re not completely insane
picture of young woman and baby comes
in handy if you want to deflect trolls;
no one looks good attacking the tender mom
picture of a man you get ads
for viagra and hit on by women
from Bangladesh
picture of a cat or dog
they expect you to be dumb
flowers means you are sentimental
picture of anything else means you’re
group picture having fun is
for the person who is insecure
a picture in your home means you’re lonely
eating means there is no one in life
but you
a full body picture shows a lack
of dedication
having a picture up way too close means
you have many girlfriends or
anything vulgar usually coincides with stupid
there is an entire psychology to
profile pictures and not just
what they say
but what others will assume
like for men they will expect anger
but for women that means you lost it….
black people are seen as a statistic
and the elderly are seen as NEVER
i once put up a goldfish in a bowl
with a shark-fin
felt that was me to a T
but no assumptions were made for me to twist
and the avatar changes or does not



2 Replies to “Mask”

  1. So true, how people on social media instantly judge someone by what picture they use on their profile. Mine is an avatar, a symbol, a neat piece of art that I like. Am I hiding? Yep. But only because I don’t use social media the way so many others do. It’s not about the Ego for me. Let people judge. If YOU know the truth, then what does it matter? 😉

    1. I think has to do with privacy, too. Also with the picture that is recognizable as female, there is the chance of being taken less seriously. I think it’s interesting, because we make assumptions and generalizations. And i do that on even more levels, sometimes. But if try to be rational, is more like categorization and empirical observation. See i complain that we are not allowed to be original or have true open and free expression, yet i count on the consistencies to tell me what to expect.

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