net neutrality in a nutshell

net neutrality in a nutshell:

Internet service providers want to double their rates by charging the SERVERS on the internet in addition to the END USERS. (well is more like adding fees for servers, but same thing)

within the implementation of those charges, there is a potential for unchecked favoritism and bias.

they (ISP’s) want to create a new market — where websites compete with each other according to how much internet bandwidth they can afford.

if the internet can be defined as a utility under title II, the FCC will have the authority to enact measures that protect internet companies as well as internet users – rather than currently having to take each ISP individually to court to attempt reasonable controls.

this issue has now come to a head, because at this point protection is needed for corporations and companies on the internet, not just the internet user. the FCC needs sufficient authority under title II so that it can regulate the ISP’s and ensure that no unfair advantage is taken due to the necessity of their services.


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