no muse calls

if we want to be a hero
there has to be a disaster first
any savior requires damnation
which is all terribly put-upon
but…you have no idea how confident
i don’t know how to say that the concept
of neutral is boring
but living in neutral is kinda cool
how the entire definition of demands
and right there i lost my train of thought
is it mine or is it memorex?
and we have fear
familiar, my thoughts go in metered ambiguity
in pointing out the need to not panic
because it is a panic over what has
already been done
and evil paths cannot be unwound
what is a messenger?
i only always just heard
pass along the different noise
the thing that says why do you know i should panic?
i’m pretty sure i was instructed
the clues stick in my head
things said in the past\ from the past
confident in the love the dead had (for us)
another person where the only thing that holds
is belief in love (to nowhere) how does trust solidify
this writing is disjointed
don’t worry i have interchangeable filters
it is not how my thoughts go (why do you care?)
it is how yours should be received but i do not like the (w)hole



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