doors on the inside of houses
chewing gum on sidewalks
people movers in airports
grade-school desks
water in plastic bottles
hair color dyes
animals as pets
grass lawns and automatic sprinklers
tool belts
ornamental trees
street lights
professional boxing
slot machines
mirrors over sinks
the handle on tennis racquets
heated pools
gravestone markers
shoe stores
golf tees
guitar picks
click buttons on pens
air inside of tires
junkmail more than once a week
stepping stones
racetracks for horses or people
sliding doors into emergency waiting rooms
glass fronts on vending machines
sales tax as the mystery charge
pre-sliced bread
inboxes and out boxes
digital AND analog clocks (make a decision already)
tassels on graduation caps
the fake fat in lowfat foods
i know humanity went wrong, it is not a guess
how many wrong turns does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
the fork of any road has exponential returns



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