but it is a problem

time is an abstract concept
take for example the expression
“i need more time”
but what you really need
is maybe more energy
or maybe you need less demands
or maybe a better process
of accomplishing something
but collectively that all goes
under a need for ‘time’
the same mechanism
used to determine a distance
with a measured increment
is the same process applied
to ‘measure’ time
which then became the measurement
of atomic ‘time’ which is
the measurement of reaction
based on the measurement of
distance which is then applied
once again to ‘time’
sort of like a snake
eating its own tail
everyone knows that ‘time’ goes slower
the less busy you are
staring at a clock
we even have parodies of a
clock running backwards
is that having ‘too much time’
or is that not having enough
action or responsibilities
so in some ways ‘time’ is the biggest
lie ever told
the biggest non-existent thing
and it uses a part of the brain
that denotes repetition
life better without i couldn’t say



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