never done

get the rent check made out
drop it off
dawned on me that i wrote the date wrong
decided nobody cares
made a pitcher of lemonade
realized i forgot to shake the lemon juice
ate two mini butterfingers
looked at the emachine and sighed
made the bed
which for me is grabbing cover edges
shaking them violently in the air
until land straight on bed
made hot chocolate for dessert
which in turn made me violently ill
when that happens i order my mom to rise from her grave
and make all the bad owwies disappear
i read news
i watched news
i left the nasa channel on for three hours
i installed stuff
and i uninstalled stuff from the notebook
there were things to do online with banking
bills and how much goes to what crook
i smoked a cigarette and stared off into space
i thought about the rat race
the fools left behind and the fools keeping pace
told myself i need to cook
the jack-o-lantern before it spoils
took a bath and boiled
tired old skin
tried to understand meanings of misery
games are games
as i kill Leo for the forty-sixth time
make him stop on a dime
jump in the air
part of my brain studies the math like a fine-tuned ballet
count degrees to motion
when i go to bed i always lie on my side
perusing videos because stories count



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