Modesty Is

i see modesty as not about a sex-deterrent
a simplistic ratio of how much skin is viewable
but modesty is what goes on in the mind
modesty is a way of life
not dress
modesty is buying the practical purse
that is big enough to carry a notebook computer
rather than the shiny small purse
big enough to hold a lipstick and breath mints
modesty is hair that takes 5 minutes to comb
rather than 3 hours at a stylist
modesty is seeing a person who needs help
and helping them
even if it doesn’t wind up on the 6 o’clock news
modesty is doing your own nails
finding ways to cut the food budget
while still staying healthy
modesty is living for who you are
not for what you look like
modesty is to be open and friendly
with other women as well as men
modesty is having an old t-shirt to sleep in
and not worrying if you spill hot chocolate
on your favorite jeans
modesty is not caring what breast size even is
but why can’t it be easier to find a decent bra?
and modesty is having clothes that make you happy
not clothes that make you self conscious
modesty is saying a prayer quietly at night
even though you figure God might have better things to do
modesty is waking up and zombie-walking to the coffee maker
and just being thankful you didn’t run out of creamer this week
modesty is knowing who you are
but not caring about what others SEE
modesty is self-assurance
modesty is knowing that this is A VERY BIG WORLD (crammed full of oodles of humanity)
but there will always be room for one more smile



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