police kill man in salt lake county

what it takes to go on
to move on
to inspire a hatred of despair
what makes a being proud
a life lived long and loud
a future-view
a soul that simply cares
about the next and next
in cost that’s due
for wide and long repair

i knew you not
but sadly hold a candle
for the one who’s shot
with bullet as the jury and the judge
the emblem of a failed reach
and failed touch

upon a time
there was a once
and so tomorrow sees …
how life of one is life of all
in ghosts the chains will haunt the halls
for man can only be

a token of the better word
in long decree
lost forms of humble nature
sworn and true

there is no better thought to offer
nothing new
the hope of better
when all further hopes are skewed
my own find simple binding worth
naught else that grew from songs
in star-lit sighs

then paramount to time the once upon
and fire of heart
remains true mind from soul that knows
in largely part
the greater part of man
is greatly free

to deny
and suffer long in consequence
despair –though spawn of hope
birthed by wisdom plays the fool
how bids it strength?
yet strength will face the next
and next
a deed not done
for all are built to cry

shall silence guard our souls?
how then do fools deserve to die?


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