how to change an accepted theory after everything for centuries piles on

you might think i’m crazy
and of course that doesn’t matter
because we all know i already

however …
look at the process of SUGAR
the body gets a burst of energy
because it registers the degree
of sugar relevant to how much
plant material should be present
along with that sugar

so the body believes it has all this
matter to absorb waste and remove it
from the body
but instead that waste does not
get removed ……… becomes
stored as fat

those are much shorter steps
than believing the body
processes (burns) the sugar
uses that for energy and
then has another process
that converts sugars into
fats which then are stored
but only in some people
and it then explains extra
energy you somehow get
when there is NO fuel
and NO food as a matter
of adrenalin or other processes
and we have multiple
theories and shoring for
the premise behind the
the theory where that began

at the TIME when metabolic theories
were created
the way to “create” heat or energy
was to burn something in a furnace

SO — that process was transposed
onto metabolic understandings
where all food must then be “fuel”
that was going into our “furnace”
even within later science, the
element of “calorie” was and is
an extremely simplistic measurement
of FIRE — how much heat or fire
comes from a food when it is burned

there might be some parallel correlation
between a caloric content
and the degree that food works
then to absorb wastes
but it would be a reverse correlation

and within that, we can then establish
the inaccuracies that occur
within bodies that do not fit the model

of feeding food into a stomach or body
like it is a furnace, where the amounts
and then exertions should be completely
and equally matched

yet metabolic reality is that they are not …
it would be as if you placed 2 cords of wood
into a stove and lit it with the wood
evaporating with no heat
or if you had no wood and the
furnace was producing heat anyway
in some sort of magical event

if food is NOT the fuel
but rather air itself is fuel
and food is extremely necessary to
remove the waste material
from energy-fusion

then it becomes something that
might hold better accuracy
and understanding
for human and animal metabolism

and in this way
the human body is not like a furnace
that burns food as fuel
with waste that is somehow ashes
but are not ashes….

but is rather, like a nuclear
reactor that uses a chemical
reaction to produce energy
and food is the matter which
absorbs the waste from that
fusion process

the application of understanding
and theories for function
are always and will always be
only models or mimics of that
which is currently seen or understood

but over time
when a theory falls so completely apart
as has our theories on metabolism….

(i was going to make a list
but just google “how to loose fat”
or google “the best diet”
or anything on health for that matter)

over time when those theory fall so
completely apart and every new
shoring for that theory becomes
less effective and more complicated
at the same time …

it is time to look at the initial
“understandings” themselves

so i am right
because it makes more sense
than what we have in explanations now


4 Replies to “how to change an accepted theory after everything for centuries piles on”

    1. thanks, Claudine …. myself am not seeing sugar as a “super-evil” just that it has potential to confuse the body. which is actually sort of the theory even under current “your stomach is your furnace” theories.

      have studied university level anatomy and physiology, so know how far and convoluted the theories on metabolism become. and i know how much a metabolic reality check would have to negate. there are a lot of jenga blocks on that tower! πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks a lot for this detail… being a vegetarian (not really vegan ’cause I eat cheeses, but not eggs and milk…) is specialy for me very important to get the right diat balance! I wish you a lovely day πŸ™‚ claudine

  1. oh and it also means that when we are stupid enough to poison the very air we breathe — that it is like pouring poison into every bit of food. that air itself has a direct correlation to energy levels, and therefore when oxygen(air) is reduced due to massive population, there will be a slowing or reduction of energy in those organisms. a process that should result in less procreation and a lowering of population.

    so America growing fat more lethargic less energy would be more due to the factor of America having less (quality)air. and the matter of the Chinese starting on American diets and potentially also gaining in girth — is a reactive and stronger correlation to AIR and air quality, than it is to amounts of “food.”

    and IF …. just saying IF …. this is the reality, then we have potentials for a very “blind-eye” when it comes to the quality of the air we ingest to create the energy to live. while everyone is feeling worse, and changing a million diets (while some then earn a million dollars on a million ways to eat) …. the focus becomes centered on food and what we eat as creating a cure, when it can only indirectly do that by removing fusion-waste more or less efficiently.

    however …… if we were to concentrate on air, and air quality as a means to better health and better living …….. THEN might see positive conclusions instead of yet another million new ways to eat that only lead to empty and fruitless results.

    even if i were WRONG (which i’m not πŸ™‚ ) the results in focusing on quality air for better health, rather than stressing and increased stress on ‘quality’ food …. would result in better health overall. might not turn out so good for the oil companies, but what they heck they are only the most powerful corporations on earth.

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