i’m right

i have a new theory for metabolism
create the energy, not food
but food absorbs the byproducts
of the hormone-fusion.
if you do not have enough food
removing the fusion waste
that waste form energy-creation
builds up as fat
so the body signals out
for more food to remove
the hormone-fusion waste
but when it is not the right kind
or type
or maybe just overly mixed up
with all kinds of sources
in one thing (recipe)
then the food does not
do its job
to remove the hormone-waste
(in the way that we have scrubbers
to remove carbon dioxide from the air)

and so the hormone-fusion waste
builds up and is what we call

the fusion happens
when air breathed in combines
with elements of the body
and you have a production of energy

so food IS needed to absorb/remove waste
but the factor of fat and the factor
of food intake
are on a parallel correlation
and not a direct correlation to each other

i think this better explains the function of our bodies….have to remember that when current theories were developed, they were simply a matter of mapping the structure since microscopes were designed, and then applying a theory of mechanics TO that. and so our current theories of metabolism follow the old theories of mechanics where there was less expediency and more redundant intricacy.

the “hormone-fusion” is a guess, btw — but point on that is there is a fusion process between air and the body to create energy, which then produces a waste product that food (and water?) remove.

explains why “fad” diets have quick weight loss results, since generally focus on one type or item of diet intake. and explains current trends for raw and whole foods. explains how fat is NOT stored energy, because if it WERE, fat people would have all these reserves of energy to use, which we know we do NOT.

also explains better why simply reducing food intake does not always result in fat-loss. and why the theories that our bodies adjust and create a “starvation-response” and therefore do not lose the fat — why those have never made any sense. because if fat is reserved “food-energy” then a store of ‘fat’ would register as a non-starved state.

but since ‘fat’ is more likely a stored waste …… then we even have an explanation as to why physicians can “suck” the fat out of a person without causing huge metabolic repercussions.


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