it was a good race

what can go wrong will go wrong
this week it’s more like
what will go wrong makes no sense as it goes wrong


i see good and bad
but mostly
acting out
have to be smarter
than me

it is a terrible realization that you might not be smart enough
a sort of shaking in your boots feeling
the possibility of being played
like a cheap guitar on a sunday afternoon


sees the circles
the run around of
their own pitiful smoke

why the best defense can be humility
i find it only works when you are done with anger

i would rather be feisty
not forced to present an empty shell
bluffing is only bluffing
do they have bluffing in chess?
oh to bluff is to sacrifice
everything hinging

on one callous move
how do you get what you want
when what you want
is to not have to care
there is knowing and there is never concerned


so you play it low
and shoot high only
at the end of the day

of course that may be a bluff
….. but i’ve never hurt from facing demons
most die a natural death
because better will always be better

did i tell you who i was?
my mom named me eileen
but i was the kid
who understood it all
without a test

yearned for center stage
showing that guaranteed
a place in the shadows
don’t ask me what i have decided

it only feels like sorrow
it only feels like i have refiled
every single note

what do i believe?
i believe that every test is built to find
and capitalize on a weakness
i believe man isn’t evil
but men are

i believe that we should smell more
the stink of the automobile
and that only pride will reverse
the course

i was smarter than them all
that means you never lie
on the mean


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