where are the mental illnesses

where are the mental illnesses
for those whose first response is rudeness?
the mental disease that causes someone to
always be in a hurry?
the chemical imbalance that creates a person
who has to live in clicks and feel superior and
then work to keep just the right percentage of
people as less and inferior to themselves?

where are those mental illnesses?
where is the mental illness for the man who yells at a grocery clerk
or the woman who keeps her nose in the air
while children play and live in cardboard boxes
soaked in water from the gutters
where runoff is just another name for sorrow…

why don’t we decide people who run red lights are mentally ill?
obviously have an incorrect view
delusions that getting somewhere is more important
than getting there ALIVE!

other side of THAT coin is you have the mental
illness of playing short odds — needing to be
special — believing you will be the exception
how many want to stand out
as not like anyone else
while severally conforming
and creating laws TO conform

what kind of mental illness shall
we call those disasters of logic?

long ago in my piddly life
anger created its own classifications
even if they’re not named, heck–they’re there
we have those who base every transaction
on illusion
who believe control is some kind of free pass
and that the more they control others
the more correct they are in everything
decisions, politics,
life itself and where to vacation on Tuesday

decisions decisions
there are huge decisions made
to benefit only the very few
sitting at the top but they made that up too
so even beyond responsibilities
we have the concept of kickbacks

you wash my back
i’ll scratch yours

what kind of mental illness shall we call
a politicians’ folly?
seasoned opportunistical
silver spooned reactionist
above the law below the belt
preposterous complicationists
the wanna be’s
the drooling competitionists

see all these mental illnesses cherished and sheltered
are not considered mental illness at all
no imbalance to creating imbalance
those who worship
money and wealth
…. oh they have their eyes on every prize!

and considered completely sane
the epitome of normal

of course ‘normal’ in my book means you’re crazy as crazy gets

you see the Norms are a French crossed with Vikings …… think on that the next time a psychiatrist tells you we should all be just like them

my favorite condemnation
was that i was always “inappropriate!”

makes you want to ask, “to WHO?
to YOU? GOOD — that’s what i was aiming for”

see it’s sad that the best people on our planet
are demonized through mental illness
just because you don’t know why something is happening
doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason

but they’re not going to find it if they don’t look
you’re not going to understand
if you think wrong is something real

see even the Lion
even the Lion only had a thorn in his paw
a thorn that made things a little sharper

and only the tiniest mouse was able to see…



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