video drivers for Windows 10 beta

after much aggravation, got Windows 10 installed and stable on the smaller hard drive of the emachine system. the steps for doing that so convoluted and desperate, that i would not be able to repeat it. this is because of the graphic drivers, and how Windows installs incorrect drivers and it takes practically an act of God to remove them and get the correct ones installed.

the Windows drivers do not even correctly detect a second monitor. they fail at what Ubuntu programmers have managed since its early versions. so the guys working for free or just about that, and who support shareware and open source — are miles ahead of the ones who charge oodles for their programming skills. i just don’t get that.

yes i understand that due to 3D graphics and directX in the windows system, the video and graphics drivers become a more complicated thing. still doesn’t explain the shortcomings completely. what does explain them, is that there seems to be a collusion to persuade pc owners to buy newer graphics cards.

the only consolation i have is that maybe some poor windows programmer is having to go over all the logs of the steps taken to finally get the right drivers put on that machine. i’m sure it makes for fun reading.

basically, you have to use a different OS to go in and delete the atikmnag.sys driver, after it crashes everything during the first try for ATI driver install. then you uninstall the controller, the display adapter, and the monitor, run the ccc install full and then fully uninstall that, then run just the driver install under the bin folder within the ATI files. then you swear at it a few times during the reboot, and it MIGHT slowly go OH! and switch over to utilizing the correct drivers.

and this for one of the most common graphic chips — in its day. the radeon 9550 …


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