if tomorrow i die

so i was thinking
if i knew i was going to die tomorrow,
what food would i want today?

then realized the answer would be nothing
because would spend the entire time writing.

and it’s not that have all this wisdom to impart
but without imparting, it isn’t wisdom

would say to not forget you are beautiful
that the softest heart endures the longest
and bounces instead of breaking
would say, don’t waste time worrying
because all that anxiety will catch up with you
and there is no need to see yourself as that important

would say that every single dang one of us
all us animals out for our quest on this planet,
each one of us is precious
and that if you let go and go with the flow
don’t forget you also have feet that can plant
and reverse the tide

would say that it is hard to be mean, but
by God! yes be mean when you need to set boundaries

but then remember that every single affront is inherited
we grow together
and we grow apart

the important thing to remember
is that love is nothing without strength…
and strength is nothing without compassion

what do i find when i open my eyes in the morning?
a world that will crave confusion
if you feed her too much instruction

it’s about finding your own way
there is no darkness on the edges,
but light itself
is simply the seen

i would write….
and then i would say thank you
maybe find a doughnut

always loved doughnuts.


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