Dear Microsoft

When you have introduced something, and there is a general dislike about that something — is important to backtrack and go “ok, what was it about the old that was better-liked?”

So we have Windows 8 and the fact that many users missed having the ‘start’ button. That is understandable … was also extremely foreseeable. But the more ‘real’ difference is the switchover to how everything links with the user account and the sign in process for that.

In old user accounts, one could set it up without the need for a password and just turn on the computer and have it usable. But now, it is like you have these burly guards every time with their crossed spears, demanding the password.

So … why not have a question at set-up, that asks if you need that? Like since I live alone, I don’t need to have all this password stuff to protect me from people that are not HERE. as for security and user account security … have it log the password for that automatically at start up. AND register the location, so that if the machine is stolen — and moves to different location — then it will require the password again for access.

Am watching dozens of tries for MS to get around the log-on issue. Now they have ‘gesture’ sign-in. but that only works for touch-screen users. so what percentage of users will even be able to make use of that? there is a “pin” sign-in … but that is just another password. you still have the guards with spears standing at the door, just get to grunt at them instead of rattling off a code.

So when every other program designed out there, is able to remember passwords and submit them automatically, why can’t we just do that for the general start-up of the OS? So that is one major difference between the older and the new Windows PC. I can turn on my old XP machine, and it just comes on.

Other area of change is the aesthetics … the ‘pretty’ desktop is going to win out every time. How many sales of XP happened because of pretty yellow tulips, and not much any other reason? Gotta ask yourselves that. Just because you see Facebook minimalism win out over Myspace exceptionalism, does not mean that the minimalist approach is going to win out when it comes to an OS user interface. was “tiles” a good idea? yes. but why have them in primary colors that clash with everything, have fixed sizing (requiring a scroll), and … well maybe there is not a third thing. but the point is, the makers took the ‘easy’ programming route rather than choosing one that might take a little more time to program, but in the end would prove to be a better option for the user.

in 8.1 they took away the function that placed any new programs on the tile start screen. you have to add them manually now. how is that an improvement? why can’t there just be an ‘internet’ part of the start screen that puts up history-links of sites visited? or why not have the option of an iframe-picture of an updating site?

spinning tiles that are considered “live tiles” is mostly annoying. IF are to have ‘live’ tiles then let them be live — with flash or gif animation. spinning static tiles are on the absurd side. if you need to see TWO frames of material, then put them up side-by-side.

if they had designed the tiles with glass colors instead of the flat primary — would have been attractive, AND functional. and IF performance is the issue there, make it an option with a “more performance” switch. just program the system to recognize the hardware specs and make the default go in line with the system capability.

biggest fix needs to happen with explorer itself. why keep it? why not dive full board into the immersive file system …. and let that be the main potatoes? where jumping between immersive and desktop confuses users — THAT element is the swing vote. SINCE immersive is much more natively secure, put your apples in that basket.

when i start using too many metaphors, then it is time to sign off. thing is, Microsoft — you need some people that can see these things and implement changes that are logical, not just convenient. it’s not thinking outside of the box. it’s deciding how many boxes there are to open.



9 Replies to “Dear Microsoft”

        1. i liked the preview version of windows 8, where explorer had the aero glass at least. the flat colors with the bright red button just feel cheap.

          i use the tiles and the immersive browser quite a lot. the response times are better and the graphics are clearer. windows 10 without any metro immersive is such a huge step backwards. since they kept the ugly explorer windows, it is just windows 7’s uglier cousin.

        2. the donations to schools make sure a lot of kid’s first computers are apple…. yet it’s highly impractical for the average person to spend that much on a computing device. at that rate we should consider having gold abacuses instead 🙂

        3. Actually, I’ve just started using the tiles for internet, as you mentioned, and have found the response times and graphics to be far superior…. thanks for the tip!

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