to begin anew

so i get to start the morning with a migraine
because some engineer thought it would be precipitous
to outfit smoke alarms with a constant beep
when battery runs low

we need to find that guy
and put him in a room of beeping
smoke alarms

fine device and ingenuity
to create a market for the 9 volt battery
goals are curious things
never pass up opportunity
lovely creature, enterprise

lovely day
from what i can see through my gaping eyes
why is it that mornings set the tone for the whole day?
i like to wake up naturally
no alarms
no other people moving about
or things to get roused FOR

to wake up for the sake of the day itself
not even sure how it works
possibility has copious facets
insecurity loves repetition but bravery
enjoys differing ratios of
of structured defeat
unsolvable futures…

have you ever smiled into a mirror
and then realized you were being stupid?


‘some-day’ drifts into required cliffs
why not complete now?
satisfaction in stasis?
love grows within expectation
possibility of better becomes the better thing…

makes you look at the week ahead
what should 168 hours of time hold as accomplished?
objectives and insignificant wishes
if it starts in motion stays in motion
ritualistic anchors

so i throw away the old filter
put in the new
brew my 6 cups of courage
and maul other poisons
sitting in a wing-chair while
staring at the finer aspects of morning news
between sips…

am glad others have more dedication
mine is so fleeting …
but the appreciation is there

…even for hungry smoke alarms


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