tumbled crowns

so today is a day to wake up


come to think of it
probably wasn’t best idea to snack
on peanut butter crunch cereal
before bedtime last night

extra sugar
extra histamines
extra delightfully sinful state of snacking

but you pay
you always pay

the water doesn’t help, either
rain bringing mold spores
waking up all those critters so that
the critter that i am can’t breathe very well….

so have my explanations
sip coffee and wonder what is next

to move away from pain
to gravitate toward relief

when answers lie in the past
or have the unchangeable aspect
then despair slams itself on top of
everything else

count your blessings?
which is code for notice how worse-off
others are
never was good at that

i believe in metered and linear states
that do not shift according to
that which is measured

if i am to be wrong
then by God i’ll be wrong all the time …

is enough to recall correlative complications
tell me pain drifts with the moon and i will tell you that
we dance to more drummers

comfort is a state of mind
not a new version of the two-step

did you ever see a leaf smile?
they do … transposition, though
verifying abilities to grow into a thankful

some of us freely plaster ourselves on everything
stop that and pain also stops

center to the ALL ME
a scary place to be
for regard cannot glorify in retreat

otherwise retreat is no longer what it is…

definitions shift
making perception all a matter of duration’s context

i was not born yesterday


heck and hades, no!
and neither were you

but somehow this world bears us all
and i’m ok with another limit

insignificance can only grow
so you reshuffle the deck
find another plate
remember example is not continuance

is freedom a constant?
this coffee is getting cold
and today has yet to see even the beginning
of my sighs….

to heck with purpose?
mine was to prove …
strength of any stand is in the legs, not the ground

as for sweat? hang it on the highest tower
by God yes!
let laughs ring out …
for no one understands better than a circle

how do we keep our burdens?
don’t ask me
long-suffering doesn’t make you good

it just makes you obvious


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