here’s the thing. i can’t know if all of this thing, this life — if it isn’t just a made-up world while my body sits pleasantly in a psych ward somewhere. in that same sense, since have come close to dying many times, i can’t know that i didn’t already die and this is the “afterlife.”

sometimes it seems everyone knows something i don’t know. and i can’t know that they don’t.

i can’t really know that the world is round, and spins. or that gravity is any type of any real anything. this might be the inside of a space ship and all that is around me is simply a hologram.

or this country could actually be a prison, and some know it is and some don’t. there might be a giant grid at the edge of the universe controlling every event and creating happenstance. we could be gnats in a jar that just dream they are human….

so i decided long time ago that is doesn’t matter what the real reality IS, because you still have to get up in the morning. still have to eat, still have to live in whatever way possible. if this is some sort of ‘dream’ == then i need to make it better. if all is controlled, including me and any decisions — then believing that or worrying about it is not going to reverse the situation.

i truly understand we are programmed, and you really get the sense of that if watch a movie or TV show from the past. most of us experience very little genuine freedom in our lives. they call it tradition, but more like traditionally changed. it all really hits you when looking at your own programming. is there an answer to what we have here, whatever “this” is?

see you get older and set and determined in your ways, and then realize that opinion coming from the self, is really just a set of processing values that happen to point as closely to the ‘truth’ as intellect allows. you aren’t original. no matter what they say. there are millions, in some cases billions — with the same thoughts.

but there are things that need answering for our time. what is the role of drugs/medicine and would it be smarter to have no regulation even of pharmaceuticals and instead EDUCATE citizens regarding the effects. if every 14 year old had a doctorate-level education on chemistry, then wouldn’t need to “protect people from themselves.”

another thing to question is suicide and self-harm such as cutting/cutters. is the human the only species to kill itself? it seems that fish can do that by schooling too much in shallow waters … but any other animals? and if not, then shouldn’t THAT be the differentiation point? not some idea that we are special because God’s children … or because we have thumbs.

another thing to look at is diet and how mixed up the understandings on nutrition have become. make ONE text book with only FACT, or as close as possible with how bad and corrupt it all is…..and give everyone the correct information. it really shouldn’t be that hard.

if the world decides every person would be healthier if they had one twinkie a day, then so holy horses be it.

why are we so incapable of decisions as a group, and why is food such a pivotal issue? but it is.

once we get law put in place, the leaders should serve the law. not rise above it themselves or constantly work to fix screw ups that only show up in the long run. why is that? why can’t some people grow a few brains and look toward future effects when it comes to legislation and law? but is like we are stuck in a trial and error system, when there is no such need for trial and error in that particular realm of governance.

why don’t we have traditions with what is GOOD for human beings? haven’t we studied enough anthropology? surely we know and surely it is not this current mix that seems close to exploding every day. people getting shot so how to remove guns from THAT equation? instead of punished in the town square, criminals are quietly escorted away… behind walls to never be seen, except in next years popular TV show “prison for dummies.” so these persons are not a part of their community, are not a part of anything and then we wonder why anger and hate become the norm?

so there are many things that should not be the way they are, and that are not even moving in the direction of where we would have better living for humans and maybe the rest of the earth, too.

when i look around, whether at the store or in a theater or walking or on the train …. my brain ticks off the ratio of those who seem happy verses those who seem unhappy. that is not knowing their situation, but a simple diagram of result. and then that tells me how well we are doing as a people.

we talk about stress and what it means to take care of yourself. so try to remember that we might just be gnats buzzing in a jar and all caught up in the same dream. it really doesn’t matter … try to make things a little better. it can be done. not saying that as a programming for optimism … am saying that after calculating the trajectories. there is a chance to make things a little better




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