Desert Born

remember when we thought THIS was bad?

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try that with a tank…..
check out how Turkey is managing its borders:

and news on this is that Turkey has worked an agreement with ISIL to get back 49 hostages, diplomats that were captured by the Islamic State. part of why it is preventing fighters from going to combat ISIL? makes you wonder….

we are so fortunate to not have this kind of unrest on our land, though that’s kind of a smarmy thing to consider. yet how different a life, if the news for the day was on who car-bombed what?

you can hope and pray for these areas of the globe, but that sounds condescending, too. the decisions are in the hands of those who have the information, which am sure is much greater than anything found in the media. i think we should just withdraw from the whole dang thing. because number one we should have moved against ISIS(L) months ago when they first began taking territory. and number two, i’m sensing some really bad manipulations in the works.

like the rest of the gang is going to bolt from the restaurant and leave the U.S. holding the bill. or more like the dumb dog that gets caught with all the mess that the cats made. doesn’t feel right. compound that with the frayed ties with Russia and her collusion with Syria …..

sometimes people put a hoop up to see how high you can jump — so that next time the hoop can be lifted out of range. THAT’s what it feels like. Saudis are the ones who need to step up. maybe if we ask them nicely?


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