joyfully ordinary

how do you turn an ordinary day into a joyful day?
not by watching saturday morning cartoons, can tell you that
my generation had ads for lucky charms and silly putty
this one gets ads for diapers and cleaning products

no child unsupervised
so i thought about what it means to trust nothing

put on some music
that helps the spirit
but what music?  decisions decisions
can’t go wrong starting the day with exercise
touch the toes
reach for the sky

ordinary to joyful
i look at my apartment and feel a little disappointed
in who i am
can’t say why except that i know it should be perfect
the better me will pinpoint exactly where ambition falls short

day seems to recycle and i wonder what this one will become
just another carbon copy
where thoughts struggle to not be hopeless
because you remember
but some day you will not

folk love drugs because they want to live in the moment
did you know that?
i figured it out a long ways back
is it baggage or is it memorex
seemed a false assurance
because if removing life makes life bearable
then existence is less than worthless

have you ever touched a cloud?
i have in the airplane i was in
and fact is they touch you
bounce plane around like invention is a joke

the world is bigger than mild manipulations
when sorrows hit bottom, that is the realization for the last gasp
but not about feeling small
on the contrary
mountainslides start with a pebble
and while you’re bouncing down that slope
grazed buttocks make the mind wonder whose pebble it was this time?

so blame is the alternate factor
what our bible calls sin
but what i always saw as retractable
simply negate to determine import
and found the end product is all the same
so skip it
sue me?
hell was an interesting concept
most believe life is hell
did you know that?
i find heaven more terrifying
and it terrifies me that others do not…..

life lets you start over
ordinary day or joyful day
it pushes me forward
this big IT
singing or screaming
laughing or dreaming
it is 90% life and 10% will(power)
so i take that 10% and make it my 100%
we have so many teachers

so many reasons to kiss instead of kill



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