if this is utah it must be thursday

we gave it all up
and then stood for nothing
what binds man to man?
collective goals for survival
shall it be protests or war?
it all tires me
the old tell their stories
while no one listens
and what of kindness?
in solitary the spirit will decide if
bitterness can grow
or smiles can grow

thoughts decide for self
or not-self
right or left symbolizes eternal choice
for the bifurcated body

those who see
believe such exact participation
is hell
of exponential prisons
entire links that misunderstand the single tear

right left march into eternity
but that is not how this ambivilous world is designed
when you see and know the patterns
it all seems like a prison

but prison is a concept
an opposite reinforcement of freedom
parsing numbers is an interesting hobby
photography was a less precise art
before it was pixelated
all will soon realize that it is only illusion

so what is real?
my wish to find your mind, that is real
and remembering to watch yourself in a world
of all the same….. if you have to work to be different
or work to fit in….
i only parse the information
and deliver
abbreviated results……. but will tell you my day
i woke up with utter misery
chastised myself for having sugar on my rice
for that explained the headache

but i got up and practically crawled to the hot bathtub

we all have broken havens
come from the womb and return

but i am happiest with myself when i explore
only the rich get vacations?
pish posh….
if you see only parts of your world at a time,
then each walk down the same block is new

drink it in
can be sparing
or lap it up with giant swallows
but that is my food

one lifetime or many
i store the gifts of liberated chaos

you can learn much from others
but you learn more from following the choices
when i meet my maker
i will tell him/her things have changed
but they are very much the same
there is a fine cost to redemption

and it was already paid


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