keep it up, one, two, four

i cringe when anyone mentions militarization of police. nobody complains until they come for you, and then you’re all over it. if police are needing to get more violent, then maybe citizens (folks!) are getting more violent. or maybe police budgets have been cut so far that most cities no longer have adequate numbers of peace-keepers. calling the U.S. a police-state is an insult to good police-states everywhere. i say we appreciate our law-enforcement and don’t make it so hard for them to do their jobs. think of it this way — if we didn’t have an ocean between us and Gaza … a large part of our population would go running off to play in a war-zone.

why is that? think about what spurs the need for violence, and the human psych that yearns for efficacy.

no easy answer to violent demonstrations and riots. because it is the slow long-haul of providing decent jobs and living wages and enough opportunity and enough education and enough equality — that give people (folks!) a purpose in life and a greater reason to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

if you’re worried about over-zealous police, buy them a donut and some coffee, and ask how their day is going. it’s not that hard. and until we have checkpoints and armed men on every sidewalk, let’s not panic about “militarization.” try to remember what side you are on. this is the United States of America. the police have jobs to do, and if you don’t like the law they enforce, then you change the laws. if you don’t like how they are outfitted or armed, ask their wives or husbands or children what they feel about it.

fact is that peace starts with education. always did. so if there is less peace, what’s our next step?


4 Replies to “keep it up, one, two, four”

  1. Well said. I think you are exactly right, that these times call for harsher actions than in previous decades – the common people ARE getting more violent and belligerent against the cops. Sure, there are trigger happy and/or violent cops who abuse their power, but I don’t believe that they are the majority. There are a LOT of very angry people in the States.

    The majority of working class people (if they are paying the least bit of attention) are pissed off and cage-y, looking for reasons to revolt and let off steam. That’s why the Bundy Ranch thing blew up like it did. That’s one reason there were riots and looting in Ferguson. There are tons of stories every day here in America that we don’t hear about, where common people are pissed off and taking it out on others. But the things *causing* so much anger…like poverty, racism, inequality, and most of all too much FEAR (of sooo many things)….none of this stuff seems to register as important enough to actually DEAL with on a national scale. They take each crisis as it comes, deal with that, and then it’s back to business as usual. Why? One has to ask WHY?

  2. you go for the source…. don’t just keep treating symptoms. yep. and it is that reduction of promise…..a friction caused by the cementing of class/caste levels. if anything we should be more mobile at this point, have more education and more opportunity available. but instead of progress opening up those paths, everything has narrowed.

    and i don’t know if our premise is valid…. has anyone put up the numbers and stats on possible police overreach? or have they just shown videos

  3. Bravo Eileen. Well stated. After all, what has necessitated the need for a police presence to begin with? Their makeup is a direct response to the issues at hand. Sure, we are the good guys but just imagine where we would be without law enforcement. I have had friends who are or were police officers…one only needs to hear what they go through in the course of their day…things the vast majority of us would never consider being a part of ourselves.

    1. my best friend’s husband is a retired cop……they give their all. to put them under a microscope of suspicion is just not fair. most are hard working decent men and women.

      and for myself especially, the police have been a necessary protection. when you live alone and are female, they are a phone call away.

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