please stop sharing violent videos

the internet needs to stop passing along and sharing violent videos. you are not helping by sharing all this bad behavior, but you’re more likely to make it worse! people will then start beating on kids and animals just so they can have a popular video that gets shared a lot.

the dog being repeatedly kicked, the baby being kicked and slapped …. these type of sharing of videos needs to stop. i am asking anyone who hears, do not like or pass along these videos. it only encourages the behavior, and you might just then be responsible for the next child or dog that gets beaten.


18 Replies to “please stop sharing violent videos”

    1. it is cowardly, and why film violence rather than stop it? passed around under the guise of identifying someone, or as a point against cruelty — i don’t buy it because the person who could have made the most difference is the one filming … but they use the camera instead of calling the police.

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