the little one stops to tie his shoe

will hate those not under same controls
hate them for their freedoms

makes grouping more close-knit
to have outsiders looking in
to have a common enemy

some widely-used group controls:

common enemy
dietary restrictions
dietary suggestions
time — keeping time, changing time
(a group consensus re death, lifespan)
holidays, birthdays
language — or specifically, forbidden words
promises of situational improvement
fashion/style/appearance conformities

proffered dietary selection
(army mess, school lunches, hospital plates)
leader-based activity

collective parsing of cause and effect
(parables — logic)

the phenom of factions and factioning

(greatest cause is high dependency on indirect control/common enemy)

increase of bindings
will increase effectiveness of direct control
thereby allowing for decrease in direct control factors
to achieve similar outcome

of course in U.S. culture, in most cultures, children and youth are subject to greater degrees of direct control, while indirect control or bindings are still being learned/set. never has been a shortage of clocks within schools. 🙂 positioning is also key … anything above, puts you below.

uniforms are mainly to identify factions. when comes to fashion/style/appearance conformities, the number of factions will determine quantity available for selection. in other words, we’re all in uniforms. the woman with spiked heels and a $2000 handbag is in her uniform.

personal adaptations are not encouraged ……..
laughter by group

what is laughing AT?

to shun
to castigate

individual expression is acceptable when, and ONLY when adopted by the group as a correct addition to indirect control (bindings).

but these same systems are being placed on parables — logic — story-telling ; ie: movies, television. so that “style” is limited to only small changes at a time, and you get nothing but boredom then within our programming. late night hosts sit behind desks, ask questions. sitcoms have laugh-tracks … which some have tried to change that. or use music-cues instead. movies have their formula for creating a parable, or directive within a story. most specifically that formula involves length, and what portion or directive occurs when.

but aside from that tangent, these are indirect control mechanisms that channel behavior and not only outcome, but the motivation or instigating factors for that behavior. and so we get the ones that decide it’s ok to shoot up a mall or a movie theater, with everyone wondering what is wrong with our system and what needs to be changed. and then of course, the de-buggers for our social system have become the psychiatry and diagnostic means for detailed predictions of behavior. and stupid will be stupid, with the immediate answer that we need to shore up on the psychiatry.

which if we do much more of THAT, you are going to be looking at crazy as the norm and norm as the crazy. although they try to put THAT off, by creating factions within the “crazy” …. so if are one form of crazy, you are not grouped with the other forms. so that book and list of different kinds of crazy has just grown and grown over the years, and aren’t we special?

one thing you will always see, in every parent group of those displayed as crazy or problematic — there is a clinging of those parents to the parental role. you know, momma wiping her baby’s mouth, even when her baby is 20 years old.

so we need to look at that. chicken and the egg situation, but IF it is the chicken that comes first — easy enough to cook and fry up the chicken and leave the eggs to never happen.

what causes a parent to not perceive the adult nature of their offspring?

we, as a nation, are a mass of roiling and bubbling INDIRECT CONTROLS. and we call it freedom. an illusion of choice is better than no choice at all– is better than despair.

in more military states — there is the increase of DIRECT CONTROL — and poverty itself will enforce greater DIRECT CONTROL elements, such as dietary limits.

there are a lot of colors to this bigger picture. and currently i feel like we, as a nation, are on a trek to hunt for more common enemies. and don’t think if you are liberal-minded and accepting all, that you escape that. because your common enemy is then those who do not accept all. bit of a fix.

it’s how we have one source of information — the bubbling outward of TV news and programming. now transmogrified into computer information from at LEAST larger numbers of sources. but still………. it’s like letting the biggest town gossip decide what the town is going to think. not very bright of any of us to be going this road. but it’s done.

so i’m not seeing a lot of answers to creating any better than what we’ve currently got. but since what we’ve got NOW is staring at more world wars, time to consider options.

remember that everything was put into place …someone decided to put clocks in all the schools. it wasn’t a matter of one really good clock salesman that canvased the nation.

what is one of our favorite sayings? “there is a method to our madness.”

might take more than thinking outside the box. gonna have to think outside of the entire solar system. so what will it be? a new indirect control, a new direct control, (which hospitals and medical care working to be necessity–doctors are your new generals and hospitals popped up as prolific as mcdonalds) which i’m not saying that isn’t an answer ………. but a nation that finds most conversation centering around ailments ….. that is a BIG effect to be causing for a dubious benefit.

but anywho — don’t mind me, i’m just typing outloud.

worlds and worlds, my friends. worlds inside worlds. heck, the ants have it down pat.

and they all go marching down — boom boom boom

remember ART …….. it means “look at that”

collective wonder
how does collective wonder save us?

what is a miracle?
what does it mean to say “i can count to potato”

one potato two potato three potato four
random that never was

contentment and pattern
there is them, and there is us

but eventually, it all becomes the same dirt

so your common enemy becomes death and your army is a hospital

could be the whole enemy part needs to be reexamined … but dang if that isn’t the most effective binding of the lot

right now we need to fix the environment
that will improve health
clear minds

and then we go from there.
a lot of the institutions really need to be looked at

some of the ones that made them
were not good people
even our food is based more on what is easily produced
than what might be the better consumption

i am very cognizant that most of my enemies are dead
but i see them in the design of things around me

every day
how many more choices?
how many more actions?

are you comfortable in your own skin?
every day
i wake up and greet the day with an apology

because i already know what i can’t do


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