Control Factors from Larger to Smaller Groups

so have been mulling a psychological precept:

that the more enforcements of control
by the set over the subset

will result in less ABILITIES for control
within the subset over their consequential domain

in other words, say in stricter control-environments,
such as religion or religious influence
the individuals will then demonstrate a general decrease
in control over their own progeny, pets, and other
subsets or that which is in the set of ‘dominion’

explanation would be that the greater control
by the larger set
then is depended upon to produce those controls
of the lower subset

all sorts of results manifest from this chain of dependencies
the most common seen is an increase in “helpless” considerations
those within more strictures and controlled communities
will then be less likely to troubleshoot systems
and more likely to accept poor systems or poor designs
as being part of something inevitable

what is INTERESTING is will then see an over-compensation applied
where the smaller unit is glorified, while at the same time
being dispensed as less essential than governance by whole

so have the “family first” and “families are most important”
within religious circles, yet the very nature of abundant control
from the larger body
results in families less able to demonstrate a control
over what is within their own domain or powers.

i believe there is a shift
of responsibility from the smaller unit
to the larger unit

what changes can be expected as correlations to
respective growth within the larger unit?

is there a way for larger bodies
to employ control factors that do NOT
effectively weaken the control mechanisms
within the subsets?


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