up for away

how can we be better people?
each day lived
is an improvement on the last
because the last is gone
yet here the hope stands, now

should you laugh more
love more
sing more
hug more
work harder
play harder
have more vacations
read more books
drive more cars …

should you be something you are not
so you can think you are something
you always thought others should be

where are the lines?

i never thought it was important to love yourself
because passion doesn’t need to tell itself to love passionately

self-preservation is one of the instincts
doesn’t require intellectual reinforcement

a better person … does that mean more conformed
to idealistic parameters?

is that when you get to be happy?
or is it now
as something that isn’t a better person yet
something still growing
because great expectations were always ….

so we are constantly young
even though the body has begun to scream from age
…….. how do i make other people THINK i’m a better person?
THAT’s the question
how does one change those structured opinions
of actions and being
based on what is fundamentally appearance?

it is all appearance
the whole damn lot

i never cared because i had other things to do
but might some day
might turn around and put on that face everybody
believes they understand

because no one gets that this is it;
smooth, tenderized destruction within the infinite
births of the present …

will conjecture manifest a better person?
oh never … i don’t think so
the woken mind is already on the better side of yesterday:
you … you, my friend …
already contain the truth of being alive.



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