he was like a friend

I’ve really had it. and to top it off, Robin Williams dies today. somehow got the worst electric bill ever — like it totally doesn’t make sense. no way could have used that much electricity. would have had to increase my per-day consumption 62% from June to July. even IF i ran the air conditioning non-stop, would not be a 62% increase in whole electrical use. this august bill is basically double the amount cost-wise that july bill was. eh — it just pisses me off to no end. same dang story as the old place when they rewired the water heater and next thing i knew my bill doubled. except this time i have absolutely no clue.

and the emachine I’ve been working on for a week now is still no better off than when i started. there is something wrong with the Bios, from this UEFI business. it’s old 2004 machine, but somehow now seems to need a UEFI boot partition in order to boot the OS at all. which is retarded…. but telling the Bios that it is being retarded is not helping any. got an update for the Bios, so flashed the Bios — but don’t think it finished the programming, got to the boot management part and then just said “ok done installing” when it had like 5 more things on the list yet. so i can install Ubuntu, then use the boot loader to reinstall windows XP from the recovery drive … which then nullifies the Ubuntu grub …. which leaves that partition useless. but when i delete the Ubuntu partition, the windows XP will no longer boot. which can only mean that it is/was using a UEFI bootloader that was left on that partition.

WHICH … in bios i am supposed to find a setting to take it off “safeboot” … there is none. have tweaked those settings up one way and down the other …. NOTHING! so i somehow got stuck with a UEFI fastboot on a Legacy system which just is not possible. the motherboard won’t recognize a new sata drive, even though you can hear the new drive powering up. because of this stupid ‘safeboot’ stuff — nothing now will boot normally! a usb flash drive with Ubuntu OS on it, won’t even boot from the system now.

i am at the end of my rope. which ok, that was a bad use of terms. because this afternoon Robin Williams died. and i just feel like crap. saw mr. Williams in concert years ago. never laughed so hard in my life — was pregnant with my son, and his wife happened to be pregnant at the same time. so he was doing all these pregnancy jokes….

so hats off to you sir, and safe travels wherever you roam …….

oh i know what i can try …….. try installing the windows 8 beta again, and use the windows 8 operating system to toggle off the fastboot. maybe …….. but if you hear a big splash, that’s me throwing the computer into the pool.





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