morphing into day

so the dreams were good
where worlds of difference hinge on sleep
that part of existence where
mind hashes leftovers:
huge collections of inadequacy

so awake arises with a greater relevance
and redundancies have no answer
to the weave of reaction
only that this moment begins
as it should

with clean slates
blank pages
clearing of perception
within reductions of anxiety

tell any given strength it isn’t so?
hope only happens for the well

forgiven depths that chime
for the weary wishing-coin
echoes of limits
proven only to be shadows
of a heart’s vision and mastery
breathing and moving

not away-from

they say there is no rest for the wicked
but that was never-so
it is in trying to do good
to smooth into better directions
where even proven minds will second-guess choice
question pivotal decisions
until rest becomes a fiction of imagination
born to trudge beyond slow monotonous grooves:
where do we place our toes?

cry for barriers to be dismissed!
banished into the remainder that is cause
while sleep creates its own division
between this day and the next
recalling needs and wants
founded on tickets to forever

numerous worlds will be complicit in every darkness that stands alone…
yet tomorrow stands on countless dreams



4 Replies to “morphing into day”

    1. thanks….. this is the kitty that lives next door, i keep water out for the cats, there are several of them. but the white one is the one who comes over to say hi and she is funny. sweet natured and seems to have adopted me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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