systematic break

i was not one
to tame my loss
with every grievance ever bought
in tendered pride …
i think of others truly marked
in stride

by same and same
in process poorly laid

while time will dim those memories, true
yet ever i will hold our conflict due
its day of reckoned harm

and told that better to forget
how does one leave imprisonment
to dusty attics
wide and never graced
by skies of blue
where bitter is a meal
of filthy rue?

reminder i am yet, and be
for all that damaged more than me
in guise of healing, darkest hours
were those that trapped lives in a tower

mental health? they name it such
yet most get mental death, and more

what have i done? what crime, what sore
where fear is man and man
and shutting doors

i placed my hand on each
to pray that captors find their peace
while i, tormented, stayed

remained as one time cannot reach
while needles rocked my soul
forced in the skin to puncture
more than righteousness

what gave the right? to these,
these dregs of man
my thoughts about each capture,
day and night
search for answers to the better way
the better system not this farce
this plan creating more

and worse
for complicated days
in tumbled mass… blame indigence!
for souls are bleached
then left to hang
as part of greater cures

no spirit to the heart, no mind of hope
what more to do?
better the hangman’s rope
for bells, they never rang
no, not for us
we are the few who live despite the death
of mind in pardoned cells

how to forget?

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