out of the crazy into the sane

so in miniature
to work the problem
out of tied

yet multiplicity of indications
render discernment origin
in higher probabilities
to be a meter,

easy way out
nothing’s going to work
can’t drive a car
that happens to be a tree

do you believe in yourself
what does that even mean?
heroes save the world from stupid
yet stupid saves the world from mediocrity

and all the ants go marching on
who saves the world from complex contrabands?
because the view
is from the one to the many
witty particles conform to electricity
darting around in all that
grayed meter

i keep going back to the one thing
to a stubborn belief that feathers have choices
when the bird goes to flap its wings

person of action is automatically guilty
watch kids run and jump into the pool
not me
cautious was how self created all life as special
what are big toes for?

did you know how precisely i can drive a car?
top speed and make it do things unreal but i don’t
play that note
like a splashed stone the fear goes out from you in waves

but i can

if i know the course i can push things as far as they go
so smile a lot
with tendered brain that takes notes
duty means to work for every other person ever met
to serve reality

(one head on the platter was always an interesting gift)
the next day can let go and let god

fear me?
fear yourself … the quashing of the adept means time is short



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