the shove to better push

so there are children refugees
Libya too dangerous to stay
Israel and Palestine


Syria chemical weapons
Ukraine earth to air weapons
crashing planes

at some point we are going
to have to figure out a better system
than the greater distraction

tennis match
heads turning
back and forth
who will hit the ball next?

we worked so HARD to be at each other’s throats
GOP on one side
reasonable people on the other
like a chemically reactive state
ping pong bash

now the question of who sides with what
the scream, “corruption!”
the scream, “propaganda!”
the rolling eyes that have no choice
because it comes down to one thing in conflict

conflict is the forgiven break from work

eat, poop, and die
our one redeeming chore
you think man is higher than that?
he’s not
this hell has been designed
specifically with millions of roads
that go nowhere
and sing repeated songs

but that is one side of the coin only
a coin bought with eager minds

the perfect traps
will tomorrow remember who you are?
will your silence awaken?
will the soul champion whispered ties?

a short sword was made for longer battles
and so time will smile
because we never were far apart

[image from Ryse: Son of Rome video game]
[image from Ryse: Son of Rome video game]

3 Replies to “the shove to better push”

  1. I guess the only thing that could be at times is not add on to what is the fuel for the ugliness. I have no answers…..I can only hope not to be adding to the growing ugliness.

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