melting heat

circling tighter
did shimmers know flames circle tighter
expression is one-way
burns don’t know how to explain
the tightening
of causality
gifts of reality will implode
implodes from immediate heat
how extensions have to be found
through originality

so that’s combustion
time will tell
find the answers to…
scratch that
not an answer that’s needed
a pointing
scope of greed
don’t know how to explain
pinnacles of composure
don’t know how to tell sparks
that tinder is what insanity

that this is how complications go
into the black hole of lost minds
perhaps panic is only on screen
only a paper
only in dreams

air still watches
skulking power tries not to map particulates
rising into correlations
bones birthed
stacking up higher and higher
angers focus regrets
where the gentle feel like bugs
on a slide
under the microscope
which way shall we turn?
what does denial deserve…

can only move so many ways
where burdens find light
right back where the heat began
usually worse energies
each time around

so this point grows into wait and see
spiral the loop
this forfeiture
patience will examine
what has been following hope
and find…
no, scratch that
enough of finding anything
enough of the find
what is find?

there’s a conjoining HERE
something directing courses too close
loosening the buzz of next and next
too close to all the weary and walking feet
determined to redeem the same highway
beginnings for swallowing ends
don’t tell the woods there are demons
if a forest does not believe in the melt
hunger won’t believe in the rain
no instigation
fire is not what conflicts see
or what axles become
or combinations thereof
the tightening of circles
mean greater donning of pride
on the outskirts … the outskirts

folly comes with all that is repetitive
repetitive nature
unending destruction descends with
hopes built inside repetition
what is that word?
complacency comes with ritual
ritual is the word
too far
too far into the same
same days
same reactions
riding a closure
a closing
of solidified particles
exploding into view
only to wake from a constriction
a construction of bold cramps and parameters

more and more thoughts converge
to scientific philosophies
(where did we smoke our wisdom?)
the decisions that decided truth
is a decision
following incorrect
applications because easy
is always easy …
everything on this plate
this served-up meal
is a hologram?
directed within programs
somewhere OUT there
on the outside of the universe
fools! fools and goats
beards scratching with insightfulness!
might as well be on the inside of everything
programmed smaller than small
horns of wide contemplations
determined programming
forget time’s own computer WORKS
without TIME
and everything mirrors because it all mirrors
down and down, infinity the last concept
for ignorant hells of fractaled latency
shadows dance for desire is the play
and required kisses of ash
implode on molten images of slick glass
burning the sense of self
where does self belong?
foreshadowing triumphs in realities of infinite loops
knowledge a stubborn, stubborn landing
crippled foundations
loops to be born of indigent minds and death
busting with prophecy
foolish men of no count and no ability
the infinite loop will bust you all!
bust a system sure-fire as anything
running up
running up
running up
gobble resources until you’re all fat and sour
what pacifies continuation
flames … oh they’ll reach higher
set up
set up is a set up is a set up
stroke skies of blues that are not purple
twisting for love and making love to wide
WIDE! tumbled destruction
all gone … for it will end
….we will fall
….and fall

how to stop?
how to reverse desired control
…when proven effects
break the prospect of random




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