round the corner up the hill

bring the night
where time won’t see desire.
behind clouded eyes
and vistas
that were never meant for reading,

reticence finds the nature of design–
a part of what continuities are;
what silence will become,
and life is not what eternity should-be,
but life is what insight has always BEEN;

at some point
–roads will not find ourselves.
a path will not find Divinity,
journeys will not find answers
to questions that were never part of
redemption’s chore to make a person happy.

the end becomes
what beginnings were about,
and so there IS no sense
to forgetting what distances were,
or how tomorrow will be,
or when revelation will find a home.
the end was not HERE–
here was gone.
the beginning was not THERE–
there was forever–

and so forever is not something about time
that plots will find inherently correct–
what purpose WILL find is the sense of self,
because self is that whisper that winds should NOT encircle.
yet self is the ear that understanding comes-from,

and the world will be better if leaders think on humanity
and focus on advantages of helping others.
tomorrow’s next step is plain truth,
yet truth does not hold up
against a trundling need to protect
imaginary hopes
when dying worlds are at your door.



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