filter plane

you can’t love the entire world
without being inside the world
over or under
i think of perspective as chunks
of ingredients swimming in a soup
bumping into each other
flavors blending
one unto the gifts of infinity
stir of a wooden spoon
God holding court while the one thing
truly worshipped
is the path of Envy over all else
all else!
don’t you believe?

so who does wisdom love?
contentment sees the future as there
and there forever
something growing desire can clutch
reality is best inhaled

so don’t stumble too many times
or we’ll have to make the road rockier
in the contest between whether human
logic is wrong or world design is right
i will go with world design

and laugh at all us silly monkeys …
you know,
those who decided important
is somehow
the way conflicts
comb their teeth


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