worn parts

why can’t people balance a washing machine?
i almost want them to break down for good
just to be out of misery
for those who don’t know
you put laundry in a machine
where the weight of clothes is
at least close to even
all the way around

poor things
straining more because humans are stupid
when robots rise up
and take over the world …
washing machines will be their lieutenants

and don’t expect any mercy
wash, rinse

spin ….. THWAP
they will eat us all
spit out the bones
dance around a bonfire singing
THWAP-PA THWAP-PA … free at last!

(clip art from cartoon stock)
(clip art from cartoon stock)

4 Replies to “worn parts”

  1. In my years in property & facility management one of my greatest pet peeves was the grossly overloaded laundry machine…to the extent that they would pound so hard you could hear them bouncing on the floor at the far end of a long corridor…like they were going to flip over. The offenders were never attending their laundry so the rest of the floor’s inhabitants would have to suffer the carnage for 45 minutes. Then the guilty scream when the machines break down. We’d put up signs…pfft…futile.

    1. yea there’s something wrong with the attitude… the attitudes are off balance as well as the washing machines. problem here too its that they have no hours for the laundry room and rude neighbors will be doing their laundry at 3 in the morning

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