the ben-e-fit of social order

education might not be based so much on the quality of knowledge, as it is the identical nature of a knowledge-base. in other words it doesn’t matter what you teach, as long as you teach everyone the same thing. how do you teach interest in knowledge and curiosity for learning? facts and belief are both simply agreements. until there is complete and equal access to higher education, we are shooting ourselves in the foot anyway.

what is it about stupid? eh … some don’t want to listen or learn. but perhaps there are too many things to be unlearned.

in high school i had a teacher who sent a disruptive student to the principal’s office (this kid had been a thorn in his side the entire semester) – teacher proceeded to give us a test, for which no make-up test would be allowed. questions were, “what color is the sky?” “what is your name?” “how many fingers am i holding up?”…. so what did this teacher teach us?

the CONCEPT of public education is to engender more cohesive response. that bad kid smiled as he left the class, and probably didn’t care that on the curved grading system he was down another notch. but what was important was the huge smile that spread across our teacher’s face as he thought up the questions for this test.

so i wouldn’t say that public education is necessary for a cohesive society. is sort of like airline security — if someone really wants to bring a bomb on board, they’re going to find a way to do it. we talk about family and you have the church family and the nation is one big happy family, with the anti-thesis to that being the actual smaller family-unit. when folks say we need to put more importance on the family, what they are really saying is that the smaller unit, the family – needs tighter controls. they are saying they want more families to be like the ‘perfect’ family. the illusion being that it will all work like a well-oiled machine if we all just march to the same tune. what is freedom? because manipulation is a very interesting creature.

i learn every day that i am not good enough.
but never stopped me from working to learn a little more
though we pick and choose
(love dances dangerously close)
while diametrically opposed ideologies make us squirm in
our pants
is it a wonder that those working for peace
are down to ‘everybody is our family, the rocks the birds
the trees’ no headway inward
you push outward

yet i see knowledge as a pleasure
an unexpected gift
where you study that smile on a face
on the care-worn face of your teacher

and you see the bigger lesson;
other kids might have a shocked look
an unbelieving air
but you catch the eyes
the more subtle points of revenge

and as you write “the sky is orange today”
on your test paper … a smile spreads across your face, too



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