it gets lonely here

don’t give up
fight for what is right
and fight for what is right for you
can we switch out the words?
hope for what is right …
search for what is right for you
don’t you fight yourself the most?

the inner argument
burdens of pain hiding at the heart
of bundled wishes
so what does man need?
a roof and food … companionship
some sort of path to contentment

those paths aren’t plain
of course they’re not
plus they only fit those for which
they are designed, right?
if you can smile when you are alone
if you can hold a thought up to reason
if you can remain a person who listens
who learns
who takes tomorrow and molds it
into that next step
that next completion for a continued hope

maybe you’ll discover what it means to be human
maybe treasure lives on
inside yourself
waiting to be found
found and answered
time to live again? might be…
could be time to push past that clutter of hoarded misery
those stacks of defeat that make up
the very singular map of life
each and every, not just you

depths of regrets
and where do we find remorse? guilt?
singular events
custom-made and woven gracefully
within a burgeoning concourse of cause and effect

beautiful for retractions,
those sharply plentiful facets of pain
are beautiful because they were survived
shall i tell you to look up?
see there is point B and point A
and dear God in heaven, so many lines…
so many lines!
with something on that horizon
oh i can see it … i know there’s something

does contentment sit still?
or does it search the distance
for a better purchase on common sense



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