gangs and terrorists

more than anything
find fascinating how we use language
to create different truths
within industry they call it “branding”
a distinction created through language

so when groups center themselves
outside the law
in greater or more powerful countries
they are called “gangs”

same thing in
smaller countries called
gorilla warfare
seen more as armies
of dissent

both gangs and terrorists
end up “keeping the peace” of
those areas they control

and what creates the outsiders?
what finds a decision to be part
of something else

it spells failure
in creating enough opportunity
for participation in a society
bent too far into helping those
born into better circumstance
while leaving behind those not given
the schooling
the training
the understanding
that working for peace is a greater effort
that finding a path in life does not need
to be cookie-cutter roles decided and

a chance to be a voice
a chance to participate in the process
a chance to DREAM …

the blame is not on these smaller groups
but on the whole for creating worlds of difference
the blame is on the OLD
for not making room for YOUTH
the blame is on this world of men
who should grow horns and butt heads at this rate

it is enough
how do you grow acceptance for the
growing need for power? to make a difference,
the only dreams that are left

please listen
and make room
stop creating these huge disparities
in income and prospective futures

i am not begging, though
i am telling you
you old men
you pillars of this ‘civilized’ world

put on your thinking caps if you have them …
realize that we are looking at symptoms
of a larger and pervasive occurrence
in ALL of society:

who do you kiss and call brother?



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2 Replies to “gangs and terrorists”

    1. there is nothing so deep as a child forced to be adult, and being adult in war is the worst of all ….i looked through many images to find this and hope my small thanks to the website is adequate.

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