to make it over the rainbow
to believe in your wildest dreams
to hunt for the pivotal answer
to decide what the next chapter means

on the shade of a waking desire
on the glimpse of a brighter divide
when to fall is to fall a bit higher
where the planes meet and dance in the sky

so around the next hesitant corner
where time worries as time only can
please remember the best roads converge
into plantings and time-worn demands

and i never, not once–gave it credence
that to live is to need this or that
for ‘this’ is the thing that you stand-on
and ‘that’ drifts on words that words lack

so to run in a circle is dizzy
yet to run on a line is to weep
and to stop for the smell of a flower
is to pick every flower you meet

while the world is time’s broken umbrella
well then pennies wash grandly to shore
yet they did not see this next one coming
because it never has been here before

and don’t forget that i’m here for 10 reasons
that can count on each ten of your toes
for dawn nearly melts with completion
as the rest of the world will repose

and don’t cancel these plans or your barters
don’t forgive those who talk in their sleep
yet as heaven hits ground that much harder
only Earth breaks the find we shall Keep

is your hope then to hunt for more power?
is your play to design minds of man?
Listen up, i will say this just once:
take each fear, and let fears then be damned

for this day might be last, hell who knows?
yet the best of Man soars high above
and no man can match Woman for anger
yet no God finds the Truth– without Love


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