where paths lead

i think that religion needs to obey the law of government — otherwise, we have all kinds of fun when other religions come on board. our policies line up very closely to Christian dogma or ethics, but what of muslim rule where get to have public stonings? so does the girl in the burka working at your neighborhood mcdonalds get to be publically killed because gee we have to uphold religious “freedom.” those are the lines that are being crossed, that is the path where that road leads — but we are all really ‘happy’ for Hobby Lobby, and will be sure to save a seat for them in front rows of the stonings.

look, U.S. governments already crossed the line ways back on “requiring” insurance — in most states car insurance is required for all vehicles on the road. i always felt that was going too far, forcing people to pay for something that they may or may not need. but it was done. those objecting to all having health insurance, should also be attacking the need for all to have car insurance. but that’s not happening. and maybe liability insurance is more like doctors having to purchase malpractice insurance ….. but what it comes down to is that you pay today or you pay more tomorrow. if we as a body have to enforce the ‘pay today’ to prevent paying more for greater future hospitalizations — then needs to be done. objections to me sound childish and like little Billy broke his arm and is yelling at the doctors that they don’t get to touch him. Just knock that poor kid out and set the dang arm.

funny how we have come down to church and state, and how so many feel the need to be ruled by church rather than to rule through democratic state. there is a facet of responsibility. and i understand that many prefer to be told how they should think, what they should believe, and that right is whatever groove in the road is the deepest.

yet within an examination of freedom, a person or persons who are in thrall, are not free. they are not thinking for themselves nor examining possibilities outside of choices offered. within this, the idea of freedom is a reality of group dictate that is free to enforce itself on everyone.

mostly the difference between theocracy and democracy is reaction time. should we trade freedom of the mind and mouth, for faster reaction? government is a body of debate, not dictate. though what of requiring taxes, requiring insurance — those things are dictates from our government. what is the difference?

the difference is those mandates are for practicalities, not for swaying people into a thrall of concerted dogma. using many people as one person and one will — that is how the cookie crumbles with theocratic states. they make good armies. but let’s see if there’s a different road we can go down. might be surprised. unchartered territory could be good for us as a nation. besides, where we stand right now might be a little unhealthy.

the lines crossed with Hobby Lobby are not going to be uncrossed. thing about thralls is that it is an ego-rapture to move as one and decide change for all. oh but that’s not what makes religious dictate different from democratic dictate. what makes it different, is that the measurement for success within religious thrall — is NOT the direction or destination where everyone lands. it’s how FAR they can change the course. good or bad, it’s all the same …. the worthiness is determined by how thorough a manipulation.

by the people, for the people. let’s stay a democracy. let’s keep looking for improvements for the path we’re on, for a better destination and a future that manages a correct course through the bog of church and state. we don’t want to give up the freedom to believe what you want to believe. but in order to do that, there has to be a modicum of effort to not be crossing these lines. you want to save babies? try not throwing them out with the bathwater.


4 Replies to “where paths lead”

    1. hopefully the right directions can take hold. we need to reduce the income disparity, stop depending on being a war economy, find some real regulation for wall street, reduce inflation which means stabilizing the value of the dollar so that people can save again. and of course with so many refugees and immigrants, we need to make it very clear that national law supersedes religious law.

      1. So many things to mind. The ever growing checklist. I just seem to read both flippancy and/or carelessness in political/legal decisions today. So many issues, I would honestly hope that folks are not truly like they would seem in the comments sections after many an online news article, seemingly heartless. We all have a part to play….

  1. hopefully my comment reads “national” law, not natural. auto correct and i try to disable it but have gotten beaten down. well said, Len….sometimes i feel all we can do is hope.

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