Finding the words

Where it leads is my own knowing, and questions don’t happen against arrogance. Do you realize what it is like to wait for approval? I study that because victims are not born overnight. Now I see the fear.

Every single fear in every single eye believes itself better dead. You find me sitting here talking to our ghosts, but what of it? It took less to see the truth than to continue. There is no punishment that could scale the immediacy of disdain. Forbearance found a place to exist and you know that I shame every other for lacks in sympathetic comprehension.

That is all. One foot inside another.

She never had the right to judge me. Yet ever and always, my purpose is to give authority opportunity. I suppose I always saw too much, and others saw very little of true reasoning. Do you think it matters? Never mattered to me.

You see, love gives emotion a different encirclement. Not a one has to say they are sorry, because I never proposed to forgive.



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