replacing MSCONFIG

Ok so i’m trying to find out why startup is so bad in Windows 8.1. First off, i’m sure no one else would notice or be bothered. But it hasn’t been feeling right.

One weird thing, is that the game Fruit Ninja launches itself shortly after startup. Shouldn’t be doing that and trying to research the “why” turns up a big fat zero. So ok, uninstall that puppy. Am still left with way too much going on at startup. Why is Windows trusted installer going bat-crazy when there is no record of updates or installs? Eh ….

Found a page in TechNet with a special control program that sort of replaces the features of MSCONFIG that were taken out in Windows 8. Used to be you could look over your startup and uncheck those things that are not necessary. Now the taskmanager has a special tab labled ‘startup’ — yet you really get the feeling that it’s like those ineffective moms — “Please, Billy — don’t touch that … please … please … please?”

So the program you can download from this page – — it’s a zip and you have to unzip it to a folder and double-click the .exe to run it. but basically shows the listings of your startup programs, so can go over them. in order to be able to uncheck anything, have to run the program as an administrator. (right click the exe, and pick “run as administrator).

one of those things that only uncheck what you are sure you don’t need … or might end up giving yourself more headaches. i basically did away with various update programs that ran at startup, like HP, Mozilla, and Adobe Acrobat. and this is the real thing, more like the grandma who says, “that’s it, Billy — you’re done for the day!”

not sure how things will work out in the long-run. and i was kind of puzzled why i have Nvidia and Intel drivers launching and running when this is an AMD machine with ATI graphics. couldn’t touch them, because with my luck i’d make the whole system crash. but it IS puzzling. like if the U.S. were to hire Isis to help out in Syria. crazy stuff.

other thing not happy with, is that the Windows 8 install replaced the boot.ini on the C: drive. So if boot from Bios into C: harddrive, instead of launching Windows 7 it comes up with the Windows 8 selection screen. Yes, convenient and i don’t have to worry about bios boot order and all that. But then the Windows 7 boot has to go through Windows 8 FIRST – and so what is the point of having 7 as a backup OS if it’s dependent now on the function of Windows 8?

most alarming thing is that at the OS selection screen, you have to wait for the mouse and keyboard to come online. even though they function with Bios, they stop working and don’t start again until halfway through the launch countdown. and tried other mouses, all same. big hole there in the programming. and that i did find plenty on, to read about on forums. when they don’t start up again, Windows 8 just leaves users with no mouse or keyboard, and no way to even log in. so that’s a little on the coo-coo-for coco-puffs side ………. where i should be able to select my operating system right away and start the boot, instead i have to wait for Windows to decide that i have a mouse and keyboard. kinda goes under “not-good” there.

so anyway ……. looks like hopefully i have solved my start-up problems by eliminating unnecessary startup programs. i know WHY they stopped allowing MSCONFIG to work – i really do. too many users were able to find it and start unchecking things for startup, and would mess up their Windows services. i get that, did it a few times myself. however …………….. is sort of like the bad mom who puts the cookie jar on the top shelf. now she has a broken cookie jar, and has to take “little Billy” to the emergency room.


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