want to know my greatest fear?
that all structure will dissolve
and the people surrounding me will go
we are just waiting for you to feel most comfortable
now we are going to burn and torture you
until we can drink in your screams

…. that is what i fear
possibilities that perceived kindness (to find like in kind)
is merely a reflection of my own inability
to comprehend want


i don’t trust ambivalence
roles and parts
dividing lines
the end of circumstance
(what is soul but a target, born?)

life is messy
yet fear is very organized
and i lied
my worst fear was realized a long time ago
in realities that bore no gift

you see i saw our future
science to keep humans alive forever
used to eternally prison
and torture other beings
that is the reality of who and what man-is

distraction is a funny thing
you fear death?
my biggest fear is that there will be
no death

because truth tells us man will never be ready
and the remainder of what frightens is born from the center
sung to sleep the bitter soul
will remember what is good, and beautiful, and peaceful

don’t ask me to explain
how God really saves Man
or what the sky is like

shall we define our fears?
love is the source of moving without thought
and hate is done with more thought than time can master


6 Replies to “hello”

    1. if one is to be more than human, one would have to already be more than human? mostly i accept that there is a big giant razor blade in the middle of that apple.

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