fractured circumstance

karma is something the weak tell themselves when letting the strong get away with something.

weak or strong?
everybody dies
there IS that

how do i tell you i don’t believe in sin
murder you say…eh
what if the person killed
would have run over 3 children in a crosswalk
killing two and hospitalizing the third

would that murder still be a sin?
the wheels of causality are too complex

and the more you see of the details
the less you can have in regrets

because it intertwines
life and actions
the next tree to fall

i see myself as smarter than everyone else
sin or just a delusion?

who could say
but i’ll tell you this…

it is important to draw a line
and say ‘no more’

not for the protection of self
but because God wasn’t built in a day

and karma?
that and sin are the same thing

they are both based on the difference
of what “should be” verses what “is”

and control

who can care about everybody marching to the same drum
…without shedding tears for the drummer?

you don’t have to believe in sin to avoid random acts of unkindness

…. i believe in kisses

tender is the bleed for the scope…
it’s not cruel to forgive a shattered plan

11 Replies to “fractured circumstance”

  1. Yes it does intertwine life and actions and the next tree to fall… and often “providence” is the last thing which is seen, in all the schemes of men and things, but it is there all the same, waiting to be revealed … The kindness, the kisses the love these are things that ultimately have the final say.

    1. I believe so….reasons to continue trying and working for better harmony within communities and families. what is known and what isn’t known….the faith to follow that inner smile.

        1. well that keys into our prolific ability to name everything. the process of further-naming is in the blooming of dichotomy. all becomes di or tri. in which case any di, even the very first — gives a chance of 50:50.

          so yes could be beyond understanding, and then isn’t that the song of those in thrall? so i don’t know … except that accepting a fate only works for the last fate.

          for the record, i am positive that the reality is beyond understanding and that man simply forms every assurance within very very basic forms of child-level comprehensions. consider that our depiction of the solar system is exactly like early depictions of an atom — and those forms follow yet the same shape and aspect of a race track.

          since the patterns are repeated and supported, it’s a pretty fair bet that they are incorrect. and then so too would follow any of the more abstract portrayals such as the galvanized belief system within life and death.

          question is, what are you having for breakfast? šŸ™‚ i wish i had some oranges…..

  2. can one experience comfort without want? not within our definitions — yet within reality it does exist.

    there is so much to uplift the spirit in life. but only when room is given to freedom … and freedom starts within the mind.

    but again the concepts foster and grow within the belief structure of beginnings and ends. the biggest chore for anything is continuance, and within that is drudgery ………. the beater of the drum. the creation of comfort because from THAT grows worlds without limits.

    so it is direction that rules …… not the lines and planes and conceptualization of shape, and not the motion itself, but that which guides motion. but it’s all talk.

    the fact is that if you walk without paying attention to where you place your feet, are more likely to trip. but if you watch your feet all the time, then miss out on the world around you.

    the freedom to be unpredictable is not given to us in this world. yet it is within that beat, that predictability — that will find a freedom that can never be taken away and never changed. and that is the freedom to keep trying to understand ourselves and our world.

    it’s a good thing. life moves on. they say you lay down your burdens. but no one and nothing can rip burdens — rip purpose — out of your hands.

    so with that i hope to explain how i get up on a day like today and accomplish nothing but a bunch of blathering. no energy. huge weights and nothing staring me in the face today but obligation. ugh. and that’s when i drop the ball and play with painting something pretty.

    stubborn as a mule and ugly as a donkey. that’s me. šŸ™‚ but tomorrow might be different. joy is always there just have to make the consequence to see it.

  3. while I napp’d, the vine reach’d the top of the wall…life goes on, but never thoughtlessly…existence defines purpose according to species, although mankind tends to undo all that…king of the hill, then blows off a mountain top to have a better look at the stars

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