pixar run

the difference between 2d and 3d
is shadow
the blocked difference of light
the unknown

color one half of the tree trunk darker
it looks rounded
give creatures a shadow
they become solid
puppets, all

the statue
the god-like edifice
alive or dead

it is the shadow
the world of light from without
or light from within

remembering the sun
I loved only sleep
where darkness becomes light
and shadowed minds rehearse the rainbow

don’t pity me!
there is no end to direct


2 Replies to “pixar run”

  1. And really, a person can learn so much from their shadow form. There can be no shadow without light and vice versa, being such an interconnected paradigm. Even the largest statues throw a shadow at some point. I do think the difference rests in perspective, though, when it comes to whether the light is from within or without.

    1. yes within would be a constant, when from without is contingent on the direction of the source. yet in illustration, without that direction, no 3d will even exist. light from within is the same as no shadowing a and no shadowing is the absence of depth. is interesting as plays out within the analogy of dark and light, ignorance and enlightenment….

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