there and when

stay calm cool and collected
know what you want
medicine is supposed to bring health
or make you live longer
learning things should foster happiness

there is no joy without sorrow
no relief without pain
living is to render the differences grand

instead of naming 10,000 mental DIS-orders
wouldn’t it make more sense to name ONE ORDER?
describe that perfect creature
and then kill it….

what makes me happy is to smell the rain,
not dance in it
what makes me sad is our multitude of cheaters,
not the rules of the game

what makes me worried is smiles that were fake
not the scorn that was very real

what decides i take a fall
is the same thing that convinced me i have wings

and i left so many people
…..better off

fate is nothing that can’t be bartered-with

stay calm. cool. and collect experience.
know what you want
catalog the lackings
how much of that is things?
or is the greater number of wants
to make changes in self

to be that better person
because reputation is everything

what is strength without compassion?
what is ambition without reasoning…

what kind of a prison is ritual
does comfort of the body happen
without comfort of the mind

does God listen to dreams as we sleep?
does action mean more than plans

does silence whisper of understanding
or does it speak volumes of emotion

not a child
never a child
spirit has always been the same age
since the day my eyes opened
on the here

you cross it with now
somewhere over the last rainbow you catch the first train
what is mighty
power and might
so might is different than power
those who oppress
step on the weak
or is might a type of talent

have you ever noticed your breath?
your world is in you

you are not in your world
just seems that way

put the heads together!
rules of physics based on what we see
now on what we don’t see
but until minds see other
than the expected pattern
the fool will find what he expects to find
it is all a wonderment

all the concept
now remember to smile pretty
don’t speak unless you’re spoken-to
find a hole
and decide there are better rocks on
the other side of a green fence

it’s better to let the day wash over you
find a piece of humanity
on the inside of intentions

people can rise up in hate
but then they are no longer people




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